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Crime Solvers was formed for many reasons. 1. Crime in itself is bad or it would not be a crime. People that are victims or witness of crime often have fear of reporting it as they too may become a victim of the perpetrator. 2. Knowing who to contact to report crime can be confusing to the average person. Law Enforcement have so many specialty units now that getting the right information to the right person is very critical. 3. Persons who possess information often need an incentive to give tips. Knowing who to call is really the job of Crime Solvers. We have a law enforcement co-coordinator and it's that  person’s  responsibility to get the information to the right investigator and agency. This person cannot always be available but it is his or her  responsibility to have some means to get information as expediently as possible to the correct person or agency. The individual taking your phone call will always know who to contact. Allegany/Mineral Counties Crime Solvers has set their limits on anonymous tips from $100.00 to $1500.00. We meet regularly and review the tip that helped solve a crime and or lead to the conviction of the guilty person. Depending on the type and seriousness of crime a monetary reward will be made.  Often, a group or individual will want to add to this reward. Crime Solvers works with these persons or organizations  as they present themselves for even greater rewards.
Maryland Hotline:301-722-4300 Toll Free Hotline: 877-722-4307 Address P.O. Box 3512 LaVale,MD 21504
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